Near Future Summit 2016 Videos


Thomas Ermacora - Urbanist, Technologist & Futurist

How can we recode urban environments to scale sustainability for everyone?


Joshua Hoffman - CEO, Zymergen

Zymergen is changing the way chemicals are developed by using machine learning technology to harness the hidden power of microbial DNA.


Divine Bradley - Dream Director and Social Imagineer, The Future Project

What does it mean to be a Dream Director? Changing teenagers' lives by asking them what they want out of their education and their community.


Piraye Yurttas Beim - CEO at Celmatix

Celmatix is revolutionizing the science of fertility with its personalized genetic tests that give women—and their doctors—an unprecedented window into their reproductive health.


Elli Kaplan - CEO at Neurotrack

Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's every 6 seconds. What if we could not only identify the disease in its early stages, but work to prevent it altogether?


Gabriel Otte + Charles Roberts - Freenome

What can the latest computational technologies tell us about our DNA?


Adam Gazzaley - Director, Neuroscience Imaging Center

Video games will soon be a valuable tool to improve brain function. Yes, really.


Lisa Dyson - CEO at Kiverdi

Astronauts are eating food made from your own breath, and soon you will be too.


Caleb Harper - Director, OpenAG at MIT Media Lab

Why does it take an apple 14 months to hit a grocery store after it's picked?


Claire Bergkamp - Head of Sustainability and Ethical Trade at Stella McCartney

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter on Earth. Stella McCartney wants to fix that.