Near Future Summit 2016 Presenters


Dr. Anthony Atala

Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Linda Avey

CEO, We Are Curious

Christian Bailey

Founder & CEO, Constellation

Robyn Beavers

Clean Technology Executive, REB Advisory

Claire Bergkamp

Head of Sustainability and Ethical Trade, Stella McCartney

Divine Bradley

Vice President of Social Imagineering, The Futures Project

Natalya Brikner

Founder & CEO, Accion Systems

Jordan Brown

Senior Director - Visioneering, XPrize

Dr. Yvonne Cagle

Astronaut, NASA

Dr. George Church

Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

Larry Coben

Founder, Sustainable Preservation Initiative

Dr. Peter Diamandis

Founder & Executive Chairman, XPrize

Lisa Dyson

CEO, Kiverdi

Thomas Ermacora

Urbanist, Technologist & Futurist, Recoded City/@limewharf/@clearvillageorg/@machineroom

Adam Gazzaley

Director, UCSF Gazzaley Lab

Thomas Goetz

CEO & Co-Founder, Iodine

Dr. Caleb Harper

Principal Investigator/Director, Open Agriculture Initiative at MIT Media Lab

Dr. Andrew Hessel

Distinguished Researcher, Autodesk

James Heywood

Director, AO Biome

Marc Hodosh

President, Hodosh Productions

Joshua Hoffman

CEO, Zymergen

Arianna Huffington

President & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group

Sami Inkinen

Founder, Virta Health

Alicia Jackson

CTO, Drawbridge Health

Zem Joaquin

Founder, Near Future Summit

Steven Johnson

Author & Futurist

Dean Kamen

Founder, DEKA Research & Development

Elli Kaplan

CEO, Neurotrack


Founder, Falkora

Rob Knight

Principal Investigator, Knight Lab

Ana Maiques

CEO, Neuroelectrics

William McDonough

Architect & Chief Executive, McDonough Innovation

Kimbal Musk

CEO & Co-Founder, The Kitchen Community

Dean Ornish

Founder & President, Preventative Medicine Research Institute

Gabriel Otte

CEO, Freenome

Dr. Brad Perkins

Chief Medical Officer, Human Longevity Inc.

Dr. Catlin Powers

Co-Founder & CEO, One Earth Designs

Dr. Charles Roberts

CEO, Freenome

Martin Roscheisen

CEO, Diamond Foundry

Dr. David Shearer

Co-Founder, Full Circle Biochar

Tiffany Shlain

Filmmaker & Founder, The Webby Awards

Larry Smarr

Harry E. Gruber Professor, UC San Diego

Dr. Uma Valeti

CEO & Co-Founder, Memphis Meats

Evan Williams

Founder, Medium; Co-Founder, Twitter & Blogger

Dr. Nathan Wolfe

CEO & Founder, Metabiota

Christiana Wyly

Founder, Flourish*ink

Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim

Founder, Director & CEO, Celmatix

Joon Yun

Managing Partner & President, Palo Alto Investors